Varieties of wide and narrow shoelace, capable for changing texture and adjusting hardness to suit the mass shoelace.


High variability, good suitability, capable of designing variety combination and geometry patterns. It also can apply on many kinds of products. For example: apparel, bags and shoes.

Elastic Band (knitted/high speed/braided):

High breathing ability, washable, good elasticity, not easy to go out of shape, suitable for bags, shoes and apparel and so on.

Reflective/Glow in dark product:

Good visibility and wide angle and safety.

Special wide size material:

Our product use novel and innovative material with special braid pattern, so that our products are beautiful and stylish. On the other hand, our products have functions of waterproof, reflective, moisturizing and cooling and so on. Suitable for apparel, shoes and bags. Also, we can weave fabric with different material, they also can use on shoe, bag and hat.


Customization service. We can use different kinds of materials, high durable, and increase appearance. It is the main product for famous brands.


They are detailed and can use with kinds of materials, increasing stylish style. It also can widely apply to other applications.